Shoulder Pads "Atom"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: patch
Stock Status: Available



   The impossibility to be modular is one of the main modern bodyarmor problems. You need to buy different plate carriers or bodyarmor for different tasks, because there's no universal solution. 

   But everything changes. The manufacturers have developed modular vests especially to solve this kind of problem. The modular construction is the main advantage of it, you can add or remove different additional elements, like throat protectors, groin pad, etc. 

   All elements may be replaced by each other, so that's why you can assembly your bodyarmor for certain tasks and cases. 

   Shoulder Pads "Atom" is an optional module. It's created to reallocate weight of the bodyarmor to avoid rubbings from it.  

1. Modular system allows you to customize your armor for different tasks and cases. 
2. Only 3 critical modules, the other ones are optional. 
3. This vest is designed for different types of plates and soft armor. 

Main Material: Cordura 1000D