Quick-release Pouch Mk.4 "Otriv"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



  MK-4 “Breakaway” pouch is a detachable medical or universal pouch at velcro platform, designed for needs of paramedics and military personnel, which may be installed to any system, which has MOLLE\PAL interface.

  Detachable construction allows to remove the pouch from the platform fast with usage of one hand. Besides that, the pouch may be placed bothly vertical and horisontal and adapted for user`s preferations. It`s very convinient, especially in case when you use the pouch at the backside of your warbelt.

  Opening construction assures fast access to the all necessary medical equipment inside. Inner comportment has one big pocket, 2 small pockets, rubber separators, strap cells for fixation of any additionnal medical equipment.

1. Molle mount interface
2. A lot of separate sections for different medical equipment
3. Separate pocket for tourniquet
4. Additional velcro mount
5. Used by different Russian law enforcement units

Materials: CORDURA 1000D 

Weight: 265 g