Magazine Loop "Stopa"

Manufacturer: Predator
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



  Mag loop for AK-74\AKM\SVD mags, made of rubber,designed for fast reloading.

  The installation is very simple, you need to hold it for some time in boiling water and add it to the mag buttstock in hot condition. When the loop will turn cold, it will be fixed hard at the mag.

  Mag loop is fixed hard and has anti-slip liner, it won`t slip away from your hands in any weather and any conditions.

 For SVD - SVD metal mags only (AEG include)
 For AK-47 - AK-47 metal mags only (AEG include)
 For AK-74 - compatible with any standart AK-74 mag and AKM bakelite also (AEG include)

1. Mag loop for AK-74\AKM\SVD mags
2. designed for fast reloading
3. Reliable fixation
4. Has anti-slip liner

Material: shock-resistant polymer

Weight: 45 g