Keymod Grip "Upor"

Manufacturer: Feral
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



  FERAL LLC Tactical hand stopper is designed for more convinient forend grip, reduces weapons shaking and hand`s movements, impacts positively at shooting precision.

  Made of duralumin, which is used in aerospace industry. It provides the stopper with necessary lightness and durability.

  Installed at KeyMod-competible round forends.

1. Improves forend grip during conducting fire
2. Reduces weapons shaking and hand`s movements at forend`s surface
3. KeyMod-type mount
4. Impacts positively at firing precision
5. Designed for Cyma & LCT models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.

Material: D16T alloy with anodizing protection liner

Weight: 27 g