SVD Keymod Forend "Leopard"

Manufacturer: Feral
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



  Operation time and place changes require from soldier to be so universal as it posible. The weapon has the same requirements and specialists need a lot of different devices to complete tasks successfully: kasers, flashlights, grips, etc. That`s why operatives use RIS and Keymod modular forends.

  Tube-type Keymod "Feral" SVD forend is designed to provide user with comfortable weapon grip and for different accessoires installation. The forend has key-lock standard cells where any additionnal equipment can be installed by user. Besides that, the rifle`s barrel don`t touch any forend`s detail, which assures better fire precision and you can install bipods in any suitable point.

  The forend made of duralumin, which is also used in aerospace industry, it provides this model with more durability and the same lightness as the polymeric ones.

1. Low weight
2. You can attach additional equipment, including RIS via adaptors
3. Key-Mod mount
4. Comfortable and durable weapon`s grip
5. May fit without any extra modifications on Cyma.
6. Rifle`s barrel don`t touch forend, which assure more accuracy in shooting
7. You can install bipods at any suitable point due to your preferations

Material: D16T alloy with anodizing protection liner

Length: 330 mm
Weight: 400 g