Tactical Stock "PT-2" for PKM/PKP

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   PKM machinegun is considered to be one of the best in the world and it was used in Soviet Armed Forces and still in usage in Russian Armed Forces. But this model has the disadvantages, one of them is low ergonomic and impossibility to adjust the stock due to the user`s prefererences. 

   ZenitCo PT-2 stock is designed especially for PKM\PKP machineguns and improving of machingun ergonomic is its main task.

   The stock is bothly folding and telescopic, has two cheeks, long one (20 cm) and short (10 cm), and two buttstocks, wide (5 cm) and compact (3 cm). The PT-2 stock may be adjusted individually for user`s preferations and special adjustment stoppers may prevent any accidental stock re-adjustment.

   This stock will become very popular in the Russian Special forces, because it's increase PKM ergonomic, it can be fold and it's adjust to user. 

1. The stock is bothly telescopic and folding.
2. Can be used with PK\PKM\PKP.
3. May be adjusted individually due to user's preferences.
4. Special stoppers prevent stock from accidental re-adjustment.
5. Has two cheeks, long one(20 cm) and short(10 cm), and two buttstocks, wide (5 cm) and compact (3 cm).


D-16T alloy.

Weight: 1400 gram.