Sight Rail "B-22"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



Despite all positive characteristics, including durability, well shooting characteristics, AK series has one disadvantage - it's high weight, which makes long-time grip problematic.

That's why compact Red Dot sights (like Pilad series, which is available at our website),become more and more popular, due to the lightness, compactness and good characteristics.

But this sights need to be mounted somewhere, that's why we can offer you ZenitCo LLC B-22 mount, which is compatible with ZenitCo B-10 AK forend and B-21 PP-19 Vityaz forend and allows to mount small RedDot sights and reduce your weapon's weight, because you don't need any other ones to mount it.

1. Compatible and may be installed at ZenitCo B-10,B-21,B-30,B-20 forends.
2. Weights only 50 gram instead of 200-300 gram(Soviet-type optic sight mounted rails).
3. Works with mechanic sight.


D-16T alloy

Weight: 50 gram