Masking Suit "Krot" (Sale)

Manufacturer: ANA Sale
Product Code: suit
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$47 $72

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Camo suit "Krot" created for OMSN of Police (this was special Forces, like OMON and Sobr in 2011 year), as main camo suit. SOBR, OMON, MVD, VV MVD, Army use this suit. 

Main plus of this suit - using of light, cotton fabric, good quality and really low price. 

This is middle price camo suit. Main difference between this suit and Partizan suit - using of another fabric, bigger weight and not so well-known name. If you looking for nice camo suit - this will be best choice for you. 

Include jacket and trousers!

This suits is selling out and we don't plan to stock it in future. If you like some colors from this suit, they will be added to the Recruit suit!