STALKER Gas Mask "P2"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: hat
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More and more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game events, including airsoft games, are held actually, but there was a problem with hight-quality gear for such events. A lot of equipment was inconvenient in usage and wasn't suitable for long-term airsoft events. The masks were heavy, made of cheap plastic and weren't suitable for airsoft.

GearCraft LLC solved this problem with development and production "P-1" Stalker Mask. It's a unique composition of real gas-mask, if we're talking about the frontal part and the plastic mask, developed by GearCraft LLC with usage of their own technology.

This mask will be good choice for airsoft events, mask's lenses can protect user from hit of BB`s (with the speed until 230 m\s | 754,593 FPS) . Besides that, it's light and you can breathe free in it due to the special valve-breathing system.

Note! This product very popular now and selling too fast. You can preorder it. After preorder it will took only 2-10 working days and we will ship it. Plus you can request refund in any case.

1. Airsoft-safe. Lenses can protect user from hit of BB`s (with the speed until 230 m\s | 754,593 FPS).
2. Modular filter system. Filters may be removed, replaced by hoses, etc.
3. Use some details from real gas mask, which makes the mask more authentic.
4. Fixed well at user's head, suits perfect for long-term airsoft games.
5.The visor is the only distinction between P-1 and P-2 .
   There are no any other distinctions.


Visor - shock-resistant polycarbonate.
The mask itself - high-durable fiberglass. 

Weight: 1500 gram