Tactical Ghillie "Leshiy"

Manufacturer: 5.45 Design
Product Code: suit
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   Sniper is a hunter, and a hunter must be invisible. A sniper, who tries to work exposed almost immediately becomes a target for the enemy. Sniping positions have to be organized nearby the enemy lines, sometimes in uncomfortable, open and improper places. That's why sniper's camouflage has to be perfect, look naturally and must not stand out against the surroundings.

   "Leshiy" tactical ghillie from 5.45 Design is a sniper camouflage suit designed for mountain-woody terrain. The kit includes a masking jacket with a hood and pants, worn over the main gear. The suit excellently distorts the silhouette. Sewed on fake leaves in camouflage make an ultimate disguise in autumn and spring.

   The suit is made of a very light, well-ventilated mesh which doesn't make noise when moving. The fabric is very durable and stretchy. There are elastic bands on the sleeves, waist and ankles, which prevent creeping. The jacket has a zip that makes it easier to take the jacket off and doesn't hinder the access to the gear. Also baggy cut makes it possible to carry some gear under the suit. "Leshiy" suit comes with a special compression sack.

1. Very lightweight.
2. Compact in transportation.
3. Noiseless.
4. Dries quickly.
5. Doesn't hinder other gear use.
6. Widespread in Russian Special Forces.                                                          

High endurance mesh

Weight: 930 gram