Compression Trousers "Fantom"

Manufacturer: 5.45 Design
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   Anybody, who is familiar with high-level physical activity knows about the importance of underwear proper choice. This underwear must provide user with maximal comfort in wearing and optimal air circulation to prevent overeating. 5.45 DESIGN LLC offers optimal solution of optimal underwear choice problem.   

   “Phantom” underwear combines a lot of important qualities and features in itself, like high durability and softness bothly, hypoallergenicity, unpretentiousness in care, damping and compression qualities (i.e., muscle support during physical activity, it has matter not only in sports, but also during military tactical games or combat actions). Besides that, the “Phanton” underwear also takes shape of user`s body during wearing.

   That`s why leading Russian SF units operatives have chosen this kind of model, which is mostly popular in FSB “Alfa” unit and Russian Ministry Of Defence SOF.

   “Phantom” thermo trousers are designed and developed for demiseason usage and will be good choice bothly for military tactical games or combat engagement or for sports activity.

1. High durability and softness bothly.
2. Hypoallergenicity.
3. Unpretentiousness in care.
4. Damping and compression qualities (i.e., muscle support during physical activity).
5. Underwear also takes shape of user's body during wearing.


Polyamide + Elastane + Polypropylene

Care instructions:
1. Protect from prolonged exposure to sunlight.
2. Wash at a temperature of 30-40 C.
3. Do not wash with clothes that have hooks, zippers, velcro.
4. Do not use fabric softener.
5. Do not iron.
6. Dry horizontally.

Weight: 215 gram