Compression Socks "Fantom"

Manufacturer: 5.45 Design
Product Code: socks
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   Anybody, who is familiar with long marches , knows about importance of even such unimportant(at first look) details, as tracking socks proper choice, which don`t replace at feet, provide user with maximal convinience in wearing and allow to pass long distances without any discomfort. "5.45 DESIGN" LLC offers “Phantom” tracking compression socks as the optimal solution for this problem.

   “Phantom” compression socks are made of the same material as “Phantom” underwear, provide good air circulation, protect the calf muscles from swelling, and also have a reinforced heel and toe.

   5.45 DESIGN LLC products have earned the respect of FSB “Alfa” unit and Russian Ministry Of Defence SOF operatives.

1. High durability and softness bothly.
2. Hypoallergenicity.
3. Unpretentiousness in care.
4. Damping and compression qualities (i.e., muscle support during physical activity).
5. Underwear also takes shape of user's body during wearing.


Polyamide + Elastane + Polypropylene

Care instructions:
1. Protect from prolonged exposure to sunlight.
2. Wash at a temperature of 30-40 C.
3. Do not wash with clothes that have hooks, zippers, velcro.
4. Do not use fabric softener.
5. Do not iron.
6. Dry horizontally.

Weight: 118 gram