Hydration System "Source" WXP

Manufacturer: Source
Product Code: hydrator
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   One battle can last sometimes for several days, not allowing the fighter to be distracted even for a second, because at any moment the enemy can strike from where it was waiting. Therefore, the soldiers are always in tension.

   A soldier can do without sleep for a while, without food, without rest, but he cannot do without the most important thing - water. Dehydrated soldiers - bad soldiers. To solve this problem, invented hydrators - a compact flask of water on the back, with a a small tube. Want a drink? Simply insert the straw into your mouth and squeeze the valve.

   Hydrators are widely used by law enforcement officers. Source Hydrator is one of the most popular solutions on the market.

   It features affordable price, excellent quality and simple design that is easy to clean and fill with water. Hydrators Source used by FSB, including "A" unit.

1. Perfect for hot summer.
2. Saves space on equipment, eliminating the need
    to carry a flask on the belt and take up useful space on vest.
3. Volume 2 or 3 liters.
4. Easy to clean.


Weight: 150 gram