VOG Pouch "Gnom"

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
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   Modern Warfare usually takes place in the city. And sometimes it's the real problem to took assault a well-fortified checkpoint.

   To resolve this problem, Russia Army got a 40 mm grenade, calling VOG. It's created for AK type grenade launches, like a GP-30 and created for cases, when you need to assault a well-fortified checkpoint. With using of VOG you can just to blow it and avoid injures and deaths.

   VOG grenades safes a lot of lives during both Chechen wars, when government forces just blow up checkpoints of the Chechen Terrorists.

   SSO LLC VOG pouches are designed for VOG-25(25P) grenade launcher shells or something similar in size placement. Made of durable materials and more compact, has flapper fixation bothly on velcro and button.

Flapper fixation bothly on button and velcro.
2. Durable materials.
3. Has 3 versions.


Cordon 500 fabric.

Weight: 200 gram