Helmet Module for NVG

Manufacturer: Raid Gear & MBC
Product Code: hat
Stock Status: Available



   It's impossible to imagine SF operator in our days with usage of NVG during night time. But even polymeric materials usage hasn't leaded NVGs to be more light.

   That's why in most cases SF operatives use counterweight elements for NVG stabilization. They usually use batteries,IR markers or any other different equipment in this role. It allows to stabileze the helmet and exclude any extra movements of it.

   RAID GEAR has designed this module for OPS-CORE\LSHZ-1+ -type helmets, which have velcro at the outer side, which has special pocket for counterweight elements and velcro for IR markers and patches.  .

1. Special counterweight element pocket (can be used as battery pouch).
2. A lot of velcro for patches.
3. Compatible with any modern OPS-CORE type helmets.
4. Elastic band is designed for mount of different tactical equipment, like IR markers.


Cordura 1000D, Elastic Bands.

Weight: 200 gram