Airsoft RPK drum "Buben" insertion

Manufacturer: BullGear
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   RPK is one of the most popular machine guns in Airsoft. It's light, may use standard AK mags or its own big volume drum-type mags ("buben") and compatible with AK-type modules in most cases.

   But unfortunately, drum-type RPK mags is one of the most relevant problems in this weapon's type usage. They are produced by LCT and CYMA LLCs and they're not durable enough and break sometimes. Besides that , their BB`s uploading speed is not adequate if you have tuned your RPK(reinforced gearbox and gears installation).

   That's why BullGear LLC has developed their own RPK mags inner components.

   The inner components are made of durable steel and aluminium, the hull is made of ABS plastic. Besides that, it may be connected directly to the AEG`s power source which allows to safe space inside the mag.

1. All inner details are made of aluminium, steel and ABS plastic.
2. Compatible with LCT and Cyma.
3. May be used as repair kit for broken "buben" - mags.
4. Increased BB`s uploading speed.
5. May be connected to AEG`s power source directly, to avoid keeping ACC in buben.
6. Synchronized with shot during the shooting and uploads BBs in same time.
7. Designed for Cyma & LCT models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.  

Metal parts: Aluminium/Steel.
The hull itself: ABS plastic.

Weight: 190 gram