Machinegun Ammo Box M249

Manufacturer: BullGear
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   This ammo box has been developed by BullGear workshop to erase the most popular M249 ammo box usage problems.

   With this ammo box you can forget about the inconvinient ammo box change and regular malfunction of BB`S uploading. This box is made of durable material and usage of this box will safe your time and money.

1. Fast box change- like a rifle mag.
2. Absence of wires and inputs outside, which must be
    disabled while changing the box, it depends on machinegun`s model.
3. Flex tube absence which may lead to BB`s stuck.
4. Easy disassembly: To disassembly the box you need to
    remove only one srew, without srewdriwer`s usage.
5. Reinforced inner motor with gearbox, which uploads BBs faster and doesn`t overheat.
6. Uploading mechanizm was simplified and made of aluminium, which makes it more durable.
7. BBs uploading adjustment, which allows to set uploding speed exactly for your machinegun`s type.
8. Automatic upload and box fгnctionning. You need to solder 3 wires into the machinegun`s electric circuit.
9. Сapacity 2700 ВВs and more convinience in BBs uploading to the box.
10. The box is suited to companis M249 А&К and Сlassic Аrmy.
11. Designed for Cyma & LCT models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.
12. WARNING! To use this Ammo Box you need to buy adapter. You can find it in related items!


Plastic + Cordura cover.

Weight: 573 gramm