Balaclava "Power Stretch"

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: mask
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   The face is probably the only body part of a fighter which isn't covered with his uniform and this causes several problems — difficulty in camouflaging, keeping the identity classified and light head protection. Camouflage makeup can’t solve them all, but Balaclava — does it easily.

   Wearing a Power Stretch Balaclava from “Survival Corps” company will not only disguise the head, but also protect it from wind and make it more comfortable to wear a helmet and tactical goggles.

   The balaclava is made of durable and elastic wicking fabric Polartec® Power Stretch, thanks to which the sweat will not interfere with the active actions of the user, and the tight fit will keep the head warm.

1. You can open the face or wear it as a scarf if necessary.
2. Polartec®fabric makes it possible for balaclava to stay durable and elastic.
3. Protects from wind, dust and etc.
4. Draws the sweat from the face, helping the head to remain dry.

Polartec® Power Stretch

Weight: 70 grams