Knife Pouch "Minus"

Manufacturer: East Military
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   A knife is an irreplaceable tool for modern soldier, airsoft player or other outdoor activity lover. Most of the sheathes that come with the knife you bought are not very comfortable to use in your gear because of their limited functionality.

   This pouch avoids this problem by using MOLLE system which makes it able to use it versatilely by fixing it on proper element of the gear, according to the user’s preferences.

   The placement ability of this pouch helps owner to use the knife with top speed and ease.

   Due to the rubber ties you can room different knifes in the pouch which makes it even more multipurpose. The pouch is highly durable because it is made of CORDURA 500D with usage of laser cutting technology.

1. Can be placed on any gear type.
2. Compact size (uses 1 MOLLE web in width and has small profile).
3. Can be adjusted to any knife size.
4. Camouflage makes it less noticeable.

Cordura 500D

Weight: 75 gram