Cylinder Head AEG

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   High compression is essential for your AEG quality. The cylinder head plays an important role here, so it is recommended to pay particular attention to this particular detail.

   In comparison with the basic plastic head, this one has an increased service life due to the use of more durable materials. Another approach to manufacturing contributes to increased stability and increased compression.

   The use of a synthetic rubber damper also improves durability. Other parts are made of duraluminum with high-precision CNC machines. Doesn't match Retro Arms gearbox walls.

1. Increased gearbox durability.
2. Increased compression and better feeding.
3. Perfect match with the gearboxes from LCT and E&L.

Aluminium Alloy D16T

Weight: 15 gram