Pouch for Tourniquet

Manufacturer: SRVV
Product Code: spare part
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Every second counts in combat and time is a crucial factor when you give first aid. Operators must drill first aid technique perfectly, but in addition to their skills, equipment plays an equally important role. Properly chosen gear may save live by simplifying your movements.

The tourniquet gained special forces Operators' respect for its versatility, reliability and ease of use. "Survival Corps" developed a special pouch to make the extraction of the tourniquet convenient, easy and fast. The pouch is made of original materials (VELCRO, STOCKO, COATS).

The pouch uses only one MOLLE web and is very lightweight, which allows you to place it anywhere on your equipment. Due to its design, the pouch combines simplicity and reliability in use.

1. Compact size.
2. High quality materials.
3. Convenient for reaching the tourniquet.

Buttons STOCKO®
Original VELCRO®
Threads COATS®

Weight: 36 gram