G36 Hop-Up Chamber for Umarex

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Most standard hop-up chambers don't satisfy the players with their characteristics. They are too fragile, poorly feeding and spinning the bbs. Therefore, players choose to use custom parts.

   This hop-up chamber provides exceptional durability and reliability due to the use of aluminum fittings and a spigoted feeding system that prevents the bb from warping.

   This detail allows you to adjust the hop-up ball easier and more precise, and the hop-up itself works with consistently high compression and feed. Made from duraluminum on high-precision CNC machines.

1. Reworked hop-up tuning system developed to increase accuracy,
    stability of tuning and ease of tuning.
2. Comes with a nozzle for the G36 recommended by manufacturer.
3. Possible to install long hop-up rubber press.

Aluminium Alloy D16T

Weight: 45 gram