Adapter for Stock Tube "Monolith"

Manufacturer: Armacon
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Experienced shooters use custom parts to improve the ergonomics of their weapons. Telescopic stock is the most convenient and popular among the analogues, but some American or European stocks are hard to mount on Russian weapons.

   Adapter "Monolith" is designed for mounting Mil-Spec/Com-Spec telescopic stocks on weapons based on AKM (RPK, SOK-95, Vepr-123, Vepr-205-04) and SVD. This adapter fixes the barrel and the stock of the weapon on the same axis and so it neutralizes accidental barrel's movements.

   The main positive side of using the adapter is that it avoids changes in the weapon design, because it requires only a hexagonal screwdriver, a hammer and a knockout bar.

1. Allows you to use the telescopic stock without accuracy decrease.
2. Suitable for a large number of Kalashnikov carbines.
3. Doesn't require any changes in weapon's design.
4. Monolith-3 have slots for a QD Sling Swivel. You can use a one point sling
    with monolith-3 adapter.

Aluminum B95

Weight: 280 gram