Support System "AVS StKSS"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: AVS
Stock Status: Available



   Warbelt proved itself to be a modern and convenient harness platform when used with a plate carrier. But even carrying most of the equipment on the belt and the usage of suspenders does not provide a complete load relief of the back, which after long wearing will get you exhausted since the body armor will still weight you.

   Ars Arma has provided a solution to this problem by using a plate carrier, a warbelt and StKSS. This combination creates a weight distribution system that ensures the transfer of part of the vest's weight to the belt. So you can reduce exhaustion when wearing, and most importantly - to save your health.

   StKSS are made of high durable materials with minimum weight and size, so adding them to the AVS system will not be difficult. Are installed on MOLLE.

1. Protect your health. 
2. Reduced fatigue                                                                   
3. Easy to install.

Original Cordura 1000D

Weight: 105 gram