Low Profile Warbelt "AVS"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: AVS
Stock Status: Available



   Warbelt proved itself to be a modern and convenient harness platform when used with a plate carrier. But even carrying most of the equipment on the belt and the usage of suspenders does not provide a complete load relief of the back, which after long wearing will get you exhausted.

   Having specially adapted its warbelt for solving these problems, Ars Arma represents a new generation of Low Profile Belt. This warbelt is designed to work with the StKSS system and AVS body armor, ensuring the transfer of the weight of the vest from your back to legs. This system shows itself even better when using an AVS corset.

   In addition, Ars Arma made other changes in the warbelt's design. Now you can easily fasten the thigh holster and / or the thigh platform to the inner belt of the belt, and also install three special pillows to improve ventilation and achieve more comfortable wearing.

1. A great warbelt itself.
2. A part of the unique system (when using with AVS, StKSS and corsete).
3. Provides perfect ventilation.
4. Helps to carry a lot of heavy equipment (like mags, mines, grenades).

Original Cordura 1000D

Weight: 300 gram