Corset "AVS"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: AVS
Stock Status: Available



    The heaviness of body armor and carried ammunition affects the health of the shooter. Running, jumping, falling, and even walking for a long time can hurt the joints afterwards if the vest fits freely enough on you and excessive stretching restricts movement and interferes with free breathing. The distribution of equipment's weight remained a big problem for a long time.

   Ars Arma attended to this problem and provided a solution as part of its AVS system. A specially designed corset increases the comfort and stability of wearing a bulletproof vest, connecting the front and back plates. The corset is made of rigid material, but has a comfortable frame, which reduces the after-penetration effect and provides better ventilation when using special pads that are included in the set.

   From the outside, the corset is provided with MOLLE webs, which makes it possible to use it instead of the AVS cummerbund to reduce the weight and size of the vest. This corset allows you to install on the vest the StKSS system, this combination facilitates the wearing of heavy equipment and transfers part of the pressure from the back to the legs, as well as makes it possible to use alternative plate panels or cummerbund.

1. Reduces the pressure and chances of injury.
2. More convenient than cummerbund.
3. The main feature of the AVS system.
4. Fully shows itself in combination with StKSS.
5. 6 pads for corset included in set!

Original Cordura 1000D

Weight: 800 gram