Plate Pouch "AVS"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: AVS
Stock Status: Available



   Executing different tasks requires different levels of armor. As an example, for some operations, its required to use the most compact and comfortable body armor with lightweight plates, while for others, heavy armor may be required to protect most of the body. However, 2 bulletproof vests occupy a lot of space, and transferring pouches from one to another is boring.

   Ars Arma's AVS would not be an adaptive system if it had not foreseen that. You can use SAPI plate carrier to turn AVS into a lightweight vest, and you can also use MBAV plate carrier designed for the same plates, but rooming a larger amount of fragment protection (Kevlar).

  Both plate carriers provide you with the ability to use the AVS in completely different operations, adjusting it even in such features as the amount of fragment protection. Changing the plate carrier type will not cause problems with rearranging the pouches, since you can simply unfasten the front panel from first plate carrier and attach to the second one.

1. The SAPI format provides lightness and mobility.
2. The MBAV format allows to improve fragment protection (using Kevlar ballistic packages).
3. Replacing the plate carriers will not cause problems with pouches.
4. MBAV perfectly fit Granit Plates. SAPI fit them too, but without Kevlar.

Original Cordura 1000D

Original Straps

Weight: 800 gramm