ZenitCo Stock Adapter "Airsoft"

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   We all love Zenitco's PT stocks. Comparing to the replicas, original stocks have high quality, they don't get loose and their price is commensurable with replica's.

   Unfortunately, for a long time people had to use replicas since their adapters were geared towards airsoft guns, when original military adaptors must have been turned with a lathe which means several hours of work.

   Combat Union company solved this problem by releasing airsoft adapters for ORIGINAL Zenitco PT stocks!

To mount it, you just need to:
1. Tap out the stock's pin (tap it bottom-up in order not to affect the pin's notching).
2. Insert the adapter.
3. Tap the pin back again.
4. Twist the stock in.

1. Adapter replacement won't take more then 5 minutes.
2. Adapter perfectly matches AK AEGs from Cyma, LCT and Tokyo Marui.
3. ONLY works with original PT-1/3 stocks.
4. Doesn't get loose, makes it possible to fold
5. Possibly works with other brands, but we don't tested it.


Weight: 80 gram