Pistol Mag Grip "TM-1" for Yarigyn

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Of course assault rifle is the basis of firepower. But in some situations, a handgun is a much more convenient and effective weapon. There are custom parts to improve its effectiveness. However, the process of reloading a weapon is much more important, because in combat it can be complicated to grab a small pistol magazine, especially if the hand is wearing a glove.

   Zenitco has developed a special TM-1 grip extension for MP-443 mag. This grip is placed in the bottom of the magazine and provides a more convenient mag reaching from the pouch. It also increases the length of the magazine and the pistol's handle, which is very convenient for tough guys with wide palms.

   The grip extension also protects the magazine from damage when falls working like a bumper. Made of durable but lightweight material it doesn’t affect the weight distribution of the weapon. Available in Black and Tan colors.

1. Greatly improves shooting and reloading convenience.
2. Protects mags from damage.
3. Made for MP-443.

Alloy D16T + Steel.

Weight: 50 gram