SVD Hop-Up Chamber

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Most standard SVD hop-up chambers don't satisfy the players with their characteristics. They are too fragile and that is inappropriate for high FPS sniper rifles. Therefore, players choose to use custom parts.

   In this hop-up chamber, a wheel is used instead of a slider on account of its increased durability and stability. This allows you to adjust the hop-up easier and more precisely, and the hop-up itself works with consistently high compression and feeds well which is crucial for nice playing. And of course the chamber withstands high FPS shooting.

   After several month of use the hop-up tune remains the same due to the tight fixation, you can also install a tracer system in special holes.

1. New hop-up tuning system developed to increase accuracy, stability and convenience of tuning.
2. Stays in tune for a long time.
3. Comes with a nozzle (19.8 mm +\- 0.05 mm).
4. Designed only for Cyma & Real Sword.

Aluminium Alloy D16T

Weight: 25 gram