Winter Masking Suit "Mirage"

Manufacturer: 5.45 Design
Product Code: suit
Stock Status: Available



   Choosing the right camouflage for a certain terrain allows you to shoot first, disorient the enemy and fire freely or simply escape in the woods after a contact reconnaissance. But here came the cold Russian winter and your camouflage began to unmask you.

   5.45 Design developed «Mirage» camouflage smock which is perfect for special operations or hunting in winter. The smock is spacious, made of wear-resistant and light fabric with perforation. This makes it lightweight and breathable, which is important when worn over warm clothes. And you’ll need to wear it.

   The coloring is a modified version of "Berezka" and it effectively deforms the silhouette in the winter forest. The suit has cutouts for access to the gear worn under it. The kit includes a jacket, pants, gloves and cover to fold the suit compactly and put in a backpack.

1. Excellent winter camouflage.
2. Comfortable to wear over level 7 & 8.
3. Сonsists of three elements.
4. Can be easily folded.

Fabric: Knitted mesh 100% Polyester

Weight: 1,3 kg

46-48 - 1st.
50-52 - 2nd.
54-56 - 3th.