Bag "Oper Urban"

Manufacturer: Tactical Decision
Product Code: vest
Stock Status: Available

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   Almost every person connected to military and tactics has its own EDC set. The only problem is that the components and the size of the EDC may vary due to the type of your activity, but a usual fanny pack or a three-day backpack is unlikely to suit you.

   "Tactical decisions" has developed a single-strapped Urban backpack. In the outer pocketyou can fit small things (keys, lighter), the middle one you can use to carry a multitool or flashlight, the main one has Velcro panels for attaching a pistol and magazines, and on the back there is a pocket for documents.

   This backpack can be carried through any shoulder or as a fanny pack. Also a bottle or an umbrella can be placed in the main partition. The wide range of abilities makes this backpack a great choice for security officers or EDC lovers.

1. Variability of wearing.
2. Large capacity.
3. Fast access.
4. Perfect for bodyguards.

Fabric: Polyamide fabric with double polyurethane impregnation.
Furniture: Spiral zipper Type 8, wear-resistant.

Weight: 370 grams