Bandana "Rouge"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: mask
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   The headdress should be light and comfortable to protect a soldier from the sun, camouflage him and not overheat. Not every hat fits this description.

   Bandana from Mordor Tac is a versatile headdress, which achieved love of the Russian special forces. You can tie it as you wish, wear it under the helmet. Bandana goes well with a camouflage smock in hot weather and is produced in many camouflages.

   Also bandana can be used not only for its intended purpose — as a bandage, tourniquet splint and etc. That’s how a simple bandana saved the life of more than one officer when there are no medicines left.

1. Simple and convenient.                                                     
2. Perfect in heat.
3. Multifunctional.

Fabric: KMF Lux 35% Viscose 65% Polyester

Weight: 60 gram