Grenade pouch "RGD-RGO" GP-101

Manufacturer: Wartech
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   A successfully thrown grenade determines the outcome of the fight. But many factors influence the effectiveness of the throw - the grenade itself, the skills of the operator, the position taken or just luck. But also a very important factor is the equipment.

   The grenade pouch GP-101 from Wartech allows you to easily and quickly reach the grenade. The flap on Velcro is a simple and good idea. It makes a lot of noise during the opening but it doesn't matter in the middle of an intensive fight. Also such flap is easier to open or close in a stress situation and it won't open by itself.

   The pouch holds most types of grenades and has small size, which allows you to place it anywhere on the equipment. The pouch was designed to hold RGD and RGO grenades but can also be used to carry military engineer equipment.

1. Easy opening.
2. Greatly holds most grenades, like RGD & RGO.
3. Small size.

Fabric: Kodra 500D Korea (Olive, Black, Coyote, Multicam, Atacs-FG) Mogotex 500D Belarus (Digital Flora)Strap: 100% Nylon

Weight: 55 gram