Fast Pistol Mag Pouch MP-118

Manufacturer: Wartech
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   A second when reloading solves a lot in urban combat. Opening the lap of a mag pouch takes little time, despite the fact that such pouch is needed only to protect the magazines from dirt, which is unnecessary in the city. And the reloading speed is especially important when you hold a pistol in your hands because you will use it at the most critical moment or during the shooting competitions.

   Wartech presents a special pistol fast mag pouch. This pouch provides strong fixation of the magazine due to the elastic cord and side hard elements. Such design allows you to carry and immediately reach single column and staggered magazines.

   This fast mag pouch uses one MOLLE webs and has external MOLLE for mounting additional equipment. Also it is suitable for carrying a multitool, flashlight or other things of similar size.

1. Perfect for the city.
2. Suitable for most pistol mags.
3. Great fixation.
4. Can be used to carry other equipment.

Strap: Nylon 100%
Furniture: Acetal

Weight: 47 gram