Tube for cleaning PR-1 "Probka"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Weapons require regular care. Cleaning the barrel is a necessary, responsible and dirty process. During the cleaning all the soot and dirt must be removed somewhere and the most important thing is to prevent the occasional draft or wind from spreading it all around the room.

   The company "Zenitco" has developed a special PR-1 bung for cleaning the barrel. This bung is installed on M24x1,5. Just attach a simple plastic bottle which will drain all the dirt during the cleaning.

   This nozzle greatly simplifies the process of cleaning the barrel and prevents you from getting dirt.

1. Great and simple solution for cleaning.
2. No more mud around.
3. Compatible with АК-103, АК-104, АК-105, АК-74, АК-74М, АКС-74U.

Aluminum D16T

Weight: 45 gram