Rail "B-5"

Manufacturer: Zenitco
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Some situations may require fast reduction or increase of the shooting distance, which with optics mounted on the weapon is very inconvenient, and unaimed shooting is risky. It may also happen that the scope you like is mounted too low for your weapon.

   Both of these problems can be solved with the help of the B-5 rail-adapter from "Zenitco". This bracket is an adapter from a Picatinny rail to a Picatinny rail, thereby increasing the height of the sight placement. In addition, it has a hole - an optical channel that allows you to switch from optics to iron sight.

   This adapter, as well as the entire tuning from the "Zenitco" is made of lightweight and durable duralumin. It was developed for the needs of Russian special forces.

1. Allows you to use iron and optical sights.
2. You can mount the scope a little higher.
3. Doesn't take up much space and weighs little.

Aluminum D16T

Weight: 40 gram