Stock Tube ATP AR-15

Manufacturer: RTM
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Telescopic stock is one of the most ergonomic types of stocks. It allows you to adjust the length of the weapon to the shooter what is extremely important for the accuracy. Such stocks consist of several parts, which allows you to change them. One of them is the butt pipe, which makes sense to be replaced for various reasons (length, breakage, etc.), but which one should you choose instead?

   Tube for AR telescopic stock from RTM is the perfect option. It is designed specifically to improve the ergonomics of weapons and eliminate loosenesses due to the slightly increased diameter. However, the tube complies with the mil-spec standard which makes it suitable for all AR carbines and other mol-standard carbines. The tube is made according to lightweight scheme.

   The tube is made of high strength and lightweight duralumin and has 6 stock positions. The back part with the edge makes it easy to install the stock without pulling its lever. This tube, unlike its analogues, is one of the few that meets Western standards in size which allows for its wider use.

1. Six position.
2. Thread: 1-3/16-16 UN.
3. Comfortable and functional tube.
4. Lightweight.
5. Fits almost all carbines.


Weight: 115 gram