Stock Key "Equentor"

Manufacturer: RTM
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Weapons, like gear, are the things that need to be adapted to the combat situation. Picatinny planks allows you to quickly install the grips and sights, but what if you suddenly want to change the stock or something else - for this you have to disassemble the weapon. Sometimes it may take several tools, which is especially inconvenient in the field output.

   To solve this problem, RTM has developed a special key "Equentor". This functional key greatly facilitates the process of disassembling AK and AR rifles. Using the key you can tighten the lock nuts of the M-series stock tube, fix the ends of the AK action spring on the trigger and bend up AK gas pipe's contactor.

   The key is made of steel, but has a low weight (only 50 grams), which allows you to carry it with you any time. If necessary, you can make maximum efforts during disassembly of the weapon, without fear that you can damage the key (pay attention to the material of the manufacture of the weapon/external parts!).

1. A very useful tool.
2. Compact and lightweight.
3. Suitable both for AK and AR.


Weight: 55 gram