Combat Trousers "Gorka 5"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: trousers
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   Conducting operations during cold and humid weather conditions requires proper gear choosing. A lot of different Gorka-type suits were developed in Russia, but they don't face modern requirements and may be used only during reduced tasks spectre due to usage of more heavy and warm material.

   New Mordor Tac "Gorka-5" suit demonstrates new look and new perception of the famous suit`s concept. Trousers have integrated knee protectors, elastic waist, elastic strap at knee zone and lower part of trousers, dusters, two zipper cargo pockets and two flapper pockets.

   The suit is made of very durable, light and breathable fabric, which can also protect you from light rain and wind. Usage of new materials, anatomic-friendly and convinient construction make this suit highly effective and modern. Has NIR signature (doesnt't "shine" in night vision spectre).

1. Absolutely unique model of "Gorka" great for hot weather.
2. Built-in knee pads.
3. Protects from light wind and rain, but remains very light and breathable.
4. Very durable fabric due to the polyamide use.
5. Velcro panels on the sleeves.
6. Doesn't glow in NVG.

Fabric: "Janus" NYCO (51% cotton, 49% polyamide).
Furniture: Knee pads "Cordon" 500D and extruded polyethylene foam.

Weight: 900 gram