Rail "SR-2 Veresk"

Manufacturer: NPO AEG
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   To perform especially hard missions special forces soldiers need to use the best and the most advanced weapons and equipment. SR-2M has proved itself as an excellent submachine gun, but any weapon can be made better by adding tactical gear.

   NPO AEG provides this opportunity in two ways that do not conflict with each other. One of them are side RIS rails on the fore grip for mounting laser sight, flashlight or AN-PEQ tactical module.

  These rails, like the rest of tuning from NPO AEG, are made of steel, aren’t loose, have high durability and low profile.

1. Possibility to install additional equipment.                                                         
2. Small size and weight.
3. Designed for NPOaeg models. Can be adjust for other AEG brands.

Real Steel

Weight: 100 gram