Mountain Backpack "Edelweiss-4" 90L

Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN
Product Code: backpack
Stock Status: Available


Backpack Mountain "Edelweiss-4" in volume of 90-120 liters for carrying property fighters and special reconnaissance units all the armed forces and intelligence services operating for a long time in isolation from the main sources of supply, as well as tourists, rescuers travelers. Backpack is well balanced (arranged according to the classical scheme), which allows the carrying of a loaded backpack much for a long time. The backpack has a main tank (with a removable, adjustable partition main tank is divided into two compartments), a valve pocket, the four (or three, depending on modifications) of the side pocket and two pockets formed walls of the main vessel and the side pockets. The main tank is equipped with tube with Draw Cord and cover flap with zipper with strap. For attaching additional equipment outside rucksacks (including valve) is equipped with a sewn polyamide straps. Comfortable wearing a backpack for a long time provides a sophisticated suspension system of high reliability. The backpack has adjustable straps with removable straps protivootkida, chest and tie waist girth with strong lap pad and quick-lock high strength polymer and frost. Suspension system pozaolyaet make adjustment straps on the scope of the main tube through the sewn on the back wall of the mountain backpack strap belt loops (which with special loops and straps are attached). The added convenience of wearing a backpack and load distribution is ensured by fastening straps to the seat adjustment with lumbar girth (in contrast to the traditional attachment to the main tank backpack). In exceptional circumstances, for almost instant relief from the backpack from any position, the strap of a backpack equipped with steel latches samosbrosami original design. For maximum reliability, all the most loaded nodes and responsible backpack - adjusting buckles, buckle protivootkida, samosbrosy are made of steel with a black matte anticorrosive coating. Secondary nodes - adjusting buckles sink marks in terms of pockets, quick-lock valves are made from high-strength polymer and frost. Quick-lock waist girth holds up to 200 kg and the belt tape, depending on the width of the gap is maintained at 800 kg. Backpack made of polyester fabric with water-repellent. Color olive green.