KIT Milled AK Gearbox Ver.3

Manufacturer: Combat Union
Product Code: spare part
Stock Status: Available



   Your effectiveness as a combat unit depends on your shooting accuracy. According to many circumstances, the shooting technique changes, but there are two things that always remain the same — your skills should be high and the weapon must be as convenient as possible. This rule also works in airsoft, where inner details of your AEG influence your combat effectiveness.

   Combat Union has released an extended kit that includes all the necessary tuning for AK AEGs. The kit consists of a v3 cylinder head, v2 or v3 piston head and piston, v3 gearbox walls and a steel guide for it, an AK hop-up chamber and a nozzle. This kit will allow you to improve the reliability and stability of the AEG, as well as provides more accurate hop-up adjustment.

   This kit helps you to save money, because it includes the necessary minimum tuning for AK at a lower price than if you bought it separately. All parts are made of durable aluminum alloy on high-precision CNC machines. You can read more about some of the details in a separate description for each of them on out website.

1. Includes:
- V3 Cylinder head;
- V2/3 piston head;
- V2/3 piston;
- V3 steel spring guide;
- V3 gearbox walls;
- АК hop-up chamber;
- АК nozzle;
2. Everything your AK AEG needs.
3. Increased reliability.

Aluminum D16T, Steel.

Weight: 300 gram