Combat Shirt "Barchan"

Manufacturer: BTK Group
Product Code: shirt
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    Body armor is a necessary, but extremely difficult element of the soldier’s gear, especially if there’s ammunition carried on it. Therefore, heavy body armor can be extremely inconvenient to wear with a jacket.

    “Barchan” combat shirt by BTK Group perfectly solves this problem, as it is made of light and flexible, moisture wicking fabric that normalizes the microclimate under the soldier’s clothes, which is especially important in hot southern regions. The shirt has excellent breathability, is hygienic, mosquito repellent and doesn’t constrain movements.

    The sleeves and shoulders of the shirt are made of rip-stop fabric with a high content of cotton, which protects the body of the fighter from heavy equipment and provides high comfort. There are pockets with velcro panels for chevrons and patches and built-in elbow protection on the sleeves and the main torso fabric is the original Polartec.

1. Great for wearing with body armor or MOLLE vests in hot weather.
2. Lightweight and breathable fabric.
3. The unique camouflage pattern used by forces of ODKB.
4. Hygienic fabric.
5. Can be used with integrated elbow protectors (not included).

Sleeves and shoulders: cotton 57%, polyester 40%, elastane 3%.
Torso: Polartec 100%

Weight: 450 gram