Vest "Module Monolith"

Manufacturer: NPO SM
Product Code: belt
Stock Status: Available



    Modern urban combat has brought changes to the armament and equipment of the military. Good armor protection, high functionality and mobility are required to accomplish combat tasks, so it has become necessary to develop a body armor that meets these requirements.

    The “Module Monolith” body armor produced by “NGO SM” earned respect from the special forces of the Rosguard. This vest is an advanced platecarrier. The vest has MOLLE on both panels and the cumberband, as well as large velcro panels on the front and back panels. The design of the vest provides great distribution of weight throughout the body.

    The vest has high functionality and is very convenient. The vest has a removable soft chin pad. Also there are special loops for antenna or a hydrator hose.

1. Especially comfortable and functional.                                                                    
2. Climatic Dampers included.
3. Suitable for Granite and SAPI plates.
4. Two velcro panels.
5. Used by special forces of the Rosguard.

Russian analogue of Cordura 1000D.

Weight: 1500 gram