Combat T-shirt "Reytar"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: t-shirt
Stock Status: Available



   Fighting in hot weather has some discomfort. Wearing a jacket at a high temperature is too hot, and a combat shirt may be unnecessary for some tasks such as practical shooting or physical training.

   The main feature of this Combat t-Shirt is that it consists of two parts. The first part - torso, consists of a special material "Flex", which removes moisture from the body, dries quickly, pleasant to the touch and consists of 100% cotton.

    Shoulders of the shirt are made of mixed fabric, which has increased strength, so it will not be worn and will not break under the weight of a bulletproof vest or unloading systems.

1. A great choice for hot weather.
2. Soft torso and solid sleeves.
3. Doesn’t constrain movements at all.                                                        
4. Velcro panels for patches.

Fabric: 100% cotton (Torso), cotton/viscose 35% polyester 65% (Sleeves).

Weight: 150 gram