Holster for SMG "Dredd"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   In some situations the primary weapon can be empty or inconvenient to use so you have to use a pistol. At such times, the speed with which you will reach a secondary weapon matters, so you better pay more attention to choosing a holster. A holster must be convenient and usable and pistol must be held firmly, but easy to grab.

   This thigh holster by Gear Craft is designed to carry small-sized submachine guns such as MP-5 Kurtz or similar in size. The holster provides convenient access to weapons, doesn't constrain movements and reliably holds on the leg, closes with fastex.

   Outside, the holster is equipped with a MOLLE interface. Also, the holster can be worn on a trouser belt or any equipment with MOLLE.

1. Simple and trustworthy.
2. Affordable price.
3. Great for SMGs.

Fabric: A-TACS, Multicam, Olive — cordura 500D.ЕМР — kordon 500D.

Weight: 200 gram