Side plates pouches for "AVS"

Manufacturer: Ars Arma
Product Code: Spare part
Stock Status: Available

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   At least once you had the idea that one bulletproof vest isn't enough for you. In CQB a plate carrier doesn't satisfy with the protection, and an army armor vest is too large for the forest. What if you are an airsoft player, and having looked at the playing area with your own eyes, you realized that you shouldn't have brought 6B45 for this game, but there is nowhere to go - either to be patient in it or play without it. Well, or bring several vests to a game — it even sounds inconvenient.

   Additional side pouches for skeletal cumberbands by Ars Arma are a unique solution to this problem. They allow you to adapt your light plate carrier to perform missions requiring a higher level of protection. They can accommodate plates or soft armor.

   Pouches are easily fixed on and removed from any skeletal cummerband. When installed on some types of skeletal cummerbands, three columns of MOLLE webs will be already occupied by fastening slings.

1. Fits all skeleton cummerbands.
2. Quick placement.
3. Great upgrade for light plate carrier.

Fabric: Cordura 500D, Spandura.

Weight: 600 gram