Light Combat Shirt "Sochi-M"

Manufacturer: Mordor Tac.
Product Code: shirt
Stock Status: Available



   The performance of combat missions in hot weather in areas with high vegetation has its specific points. Equipment and clothing in any situation require wearing comfort, high functionality and high-quality camouflage abilities.

   “Sochi M" tactical shirt from Mordor Tac. company is a unique solution for this task. The torso fabric of the shirt, as well as the armpit area, is a knitwear that provides high breathability and comfort even when wearing body armor. The sleeves of the shirt are made of light fabric and reinforcements on the elbows. The shirt doesn’t constrain movements.

   Also there are elastic bands on the cuffs and large pockets with zippers with velcro panels for attaching chevrons and patches on the shoulders. The stand-up collar makes it nicer to wear gun slings and other equipment.

1. Functional tactical shirt.
2. Perfect in hot weather.
3. Extremely lightweight and comfortable.
4. Large pockets.
5. Many camo patterns.

Fabric: Torso - 100% cotton.Sleeves - cotton / viscose 35%, polyester 65%.

Weight: 250 gram