PKM pouch "Bogatyr"

Manufacturer: Gear Craft
Product Code: pouch
Stock Status: Available



   Proper ammo placement is an important task for the shooter. This issue should be approached with particular responsibility and attention. For different situations, weapons, and terrain, you may need different pouches and harnesses.

   Gear Craft produces pouches designed specially for machine gunners. There are two options to choose from - a pouch for the 100 rounds PKM ammo box and for the 100 rounds PKM cartridge belt. The pouches are made of two layers of cordura and can be additionally reinforced with plastic inserts. Due to this design, they keep their shape well, which makes it easy to install a box or cartridge belt.

   The pouch closes with a wide valve and has a low side, which provides more convenient ammo placement and removal. The valve is closed with fastex and velcro and prevents accidental opening. There are MOLLE for attaching additional equipment on both sides.

1. Two options: for a PKM box or for a 100 rounds cartridge belt.
2. Reliable fixation and easy pull out.
3. Two layers of fabric.
4. External MOLLE.

Fabric: Cordura 500D (Olive Drab, Black, Coyote, A-Tacs FG, Multicam) Krdon PY500 Baltex (Digital Flora) Mogotex Belarus (Flora)..

Weight: small 300 gram, big 445 gram